Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Indonesiaan Greatest Entertainer

''Most likely, in Indonesia, Rhoma Irama greatest entertainer.Since the giant meetings during Guided Democracy, the event stage the most mass is flooded with Rhoma stage,''said William H. Frederick, doctorate in sociology at Ohio, USA, which ever conducted research on Rhoma Irama. Frederick, it seems, is not excessive. Some mass media Indonesia already reported, the audience performances in many areas there Rhoma who fell unconscious or hurt, because it is too crowded – it which actually really regret Rhoma own. ''To get entertainment, why should not fall victim so?''he said.

Based on sales data tapes, and the number of viewers of films starred in, fan Rhoma not less than 15 million - 10% Indonesia's population. It records up to mid 1984. No'' kind of cutting-edge art that has such a broad scope,''writes TEMPO magazine, June 30, 1984. Meanwhile, Rhoma himself said, ''I am afraid of publicity. Apparently, I was dragged away.''

People call music dangdut Rhoma'''', a label which does not Rhoma preferred. The term''was given by those who do not like,'' he said. He insisted on calling his music as rhythm Malay. In fact, his music is not true Malay: already exists''revolution''in therein, namely the entry of rock elements. And according to Achmad Albar, famous rock singer,''Rhoma pioneers. Smart wed orchestra Malay with a rock.''

Rhoma also successful in the world of film, at least commercially. Data Page Perfin mention, almost all movies Rhoma always sold out. Even before a film has been processed, people have bought it. Satria
Bergitar, for example. The film, made at a cost of Rp 750 million, when it has not been completed already obtained a  Rp 400 juta. But  brokers,   Rhoma''never eat from the money the film. He is living off the tape,'' Benny said Muharram, Rhoma brother, who became producer PT Rhoma Film.

The result was donated to the film, among others, mosques, orphanages, youth activities, and improvement of the village. In 1983, Rhoma pay Zakat Rp  6 million.

To achieve such an accomplishment and wealth, Rhoma had passed periods of very bitter. Among others, become homeless and street singers street in Solo - ongoing since she separated high school (1964) until before the events of the G-30-S PKI. In that city he was accompanied by Benny, her sister, and Haris, his friend. The three of them at first wanted to Jombang, East Java, in order to comply with the Rhoma want

deepen the Islamic religious instruction in Pesantren Tebuireng. However, due to run out of charge, they then stranded in Solo. And singing. ''When receiving money from ngamen, we moved after Oma said, this is our profession right now,''said Haris later day, when already a Film Rhoma staff. Oma is a call
Rhoma familiar from childhood until just before a pilgrimage, 1975. During Solo that, three of them riding in a hut on the edge of the Solo owned by a tattooed man named Gito.

Rhoma father is Raden Anggawirya Burda, a former military officer. Rhoma born when his father came home to watch the new theatrical Sunda group played his passion, the New Rhythm. So, the baby was given the name Rhythm - and later became Oma Irama Rhoma Irama. Rhoma Talent myself have seen since I was in elementary school in Tasikmalaya. Never one class suddenly empty, because the students go to another class. Watch Oma Irama hummed songs with alluring style, head-shaking
shake and his eyes closed-closed. Rhoma married twice. First with Veronica, gave birth to three children

- Then divorced, when then Rhoma married Rachim Ricca and give him a son ‘Ridho Rhoma’ who follow him to be artis.

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